For all of you guys who just can’t wait any longer to get your hands on it, here’s a downloadable version of our game!

(Don’t listen to what the site tells you…I’ve yet to see it take 30 minutes to download. ^_^)

A few notes before you jump in:

  • At the PsychoSurgeon title screen, click to proceed, then click again at the start screen. (We threw in our menu literally hours before presentation. :P) Once you click start, there will be a pause – it hasn’t frozen, Unity is just loading a VERY large scene. Give it a minute.
  • For those of you unfamiliar with first-person games on the PC, you control with mouse and keyboard. Your mouse with control where you’re looking, and the keys WASD will control the direction you move. Mouse control is pretty sensitive, so give yourself some time to adjust. Play around with it; you’ll get used to it. (:
  • There are still a few existing bugs, but hopefully those will get adjusted over the next month or so. If you find one, please make a note and let me know!
  • Have fun!!

I’d love to hear your feedback, so please please please let me know if you played it and what you think. Feel free to leave messages here, email me at laura@fourthreestudios.com, or get in touch with me any other way you know how! Any and all comments/criticisms are welcome!

One thought on “PsychoSurgeon up for download!

  1. Hey, the link to the download says the file has been taken down 😦 I was totally looking forward to playing this… Is there another way for me to get my hands on it? It looks so awesome! 😀

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