They told me to act natural.

in·nards (in-erdz)

1. internal bodily organs; viscera.
2. the inner parts, as of a machine.

sanc·tum (sangk-tuhm)
1. a sacred or holy place.
2. an inviolably private place or retreat.

InnardSanctum is the blog of Laura Bronkhorst: biomedical + scientific illustrator, animator, and designer, concept artist, web designer/developer, serious game designer, fledgling programmer, coffee addict, and recovering graduate student.

I graduated in August 2012 from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a master of science in biomedical visualization. During my time there, I focused on researching on how to better engage general audiences in serious games by utilizing principles of entertainment-based video gaming and applying them to serious game development, specifically in the health industry. To prove this would work, I spent six months designing and developing a first-person action-adventure game in Unity 3D called CellShifters, where the player was given the task of venturing into a human body to find and rescue their lost comrades. (Find out more about CellShifters here.) While the research was successfully presented and defended, this project remains my primary personal project.

See more work at my portfolio site.


2 thoughts on “About IS

  1. I found myself here from an image of Very Large Iris.

    If this is you then can I see more.

    If were do I find your Biomedical Visualizations. I’d be very interested in other systems who’s are emergent. Both for myself and for teaching.




    • Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for your comment! These iris paintings were actually done by Marc Quinn – you can see more of his work here.

      As far as my own work in the field of biomedical visualization, feel free to check out my portfolio here. Thanks again!


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